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Dr. Matthew Whitley is a Board-Certified Pediatric ENT doctor and surgeon in the Roswell, GA area with a focus on innovative,  minimally invasive ear  and sinus surgery.

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A graduate of UGA, Dr. Whitley went to medical school at Yale and did his advanced pediatric ENT fellowship training at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the #1 children’s hospital in the world. 



Dr. Whitley has been in practice as an ear, nose, and throat doctor for over a decade, during which time he has treated thousands of children and performed over 10,000 surgeries on kids ranging from birth to 21 years.  He has been practicing in the Atlanta, GA and East Cobb areas for over 9 years.  



Dr. Whitley strongly believes in conservative treatment and only utilizing both medications and surgery as a last resort.  Respecting the natural balance in our body is a critical facet of promoting healing and wellness and we strive to respect that in all that we offer. 

Matthew Whitley, MD FAAP is a Board-Certified fellowship-trained pediatric ear, nose, and throat physician and surgeon practicing in the Atlanta, East Cobb, and Roswell area.  He is known for his focus on minimally invasive surgery of the ears and nose / sinuses and for a conservative treatment philosophy.


“Children are not just small adults. They require a unique, careful approach to care that respects their family’s values and their individual development. ”

– Dr. Whitley


Ear Infections

Recurrent ear infections? An ear infection that won’t go away? We have options to stop the disruption and antibiotics. 


sinus infections

Sinus disease and sinus infections in children requires conservative treatment.  We are passionate about avoiding sinus surgery in children and have many non-surgical options. 

Tonsil Problems

If recurrent strep throat, sore throats, or tonsillitis are affecting your children, we have options to help (often non-surgical). 


ear tubes

Ear tubes or grommets are one of the most common treatments for recurrent ear infections.  We always prefer to avoid surgery and can work with you to do so. 

eardrum repair

A hole in the ear drum can sometimes be chronic. Dr. Whitley is an expert in minimally-invasive endoscopic ear drum repair (tympanoplasty).  


This skin cyst of the eardrum can grow slowly and damage the hearing. Dr. Whitley has expertise in minimally-invasive endoscopic cholesteatoma surgery.  

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Focus:Your Child


Dr. Whitley has privileges as an attending physician and surgeon at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. 

ENT of Georgia

Dr. Whitley is part of  ENT of Georgia North, the best ENT group in the North Georgia region. Dedicated to providing the best care.  


Northside has a growing network of pediatric caregivers and Dr. Whitley is proud to partner with Northside.